Pay Per Click

Do you know!!

85% of all the internet users search with Google due to the trust factor.

 More than 68% of users click on the Google ads especially when they are shopping online for various commodities. More than 55% of online users that have visited any particular websites through PPC are more likely to make a purchase as compared to the organic visitors. 

With a billion users on-board, competition in online space is at its peak. Targeted traffic lures the right customer at any given stage of the buying cycle. You can imagine the results that will be achieved when you will reach your exact potential customer at the exact time when they are searching for the exact product online.

Any customer will be attracted towards an elegant tailored message that is right there on their screen. With a cutting edge competition it is very difficult to sustain in the market without utilizing seamless opportunities offered in digital space.

Our team ofexperts will assist you in judicious use ofkeywords which will help your customers to find you with just a click. PPC services are meant to deliver a targeted audiencewho are in search of right fit.

With our expert’s ideal keywords suggestions and the varying ads format of PPC, your business can reach to the targeted customers in numerous ways. The Digital Square specializes in PPC services that allow your business to utilize a complete package of paid advertisement formats that are known to deliver instant traffic to your website.

Array of PPC Services offered by us:

·        Search Ads

To add your business as an advertisement on the top of organic search results is an excellent way to do your promotion. This is considered as one of the finest places to advertise. Our PPC services will assist you in the implementation of the strategies that are known to improve the traffic on the website.

·        Display Ads

If your relevant customers are unable to find you then it isassumed that you are unavailable for them by the means of Display Ads. These Ads are best known to create the brand awareness. The Google Display Network will showcase your Ads on various websites that meets with your category.

·        Facebook Ads

Everything is on social media and your brand should have a social presence. Facebook Ads program can prove to be a powerful tool. Our team of experts will design an effective campaign for your business that will connect your business with a bigger audience.

·        Instagram Ads

Since, Ads are now available on every social platform, your brand can siege the opportunity to get a wider range of audience. Instagram Ads are one of the most effective ways to increase your brand awareness and increase your website’s traffic. We all are aware that visuals are ten times more effective than the textual information. Your Ad campaign on Instagram will drive more relevant customers towards your business.

Here’s a preview to our astounding PPC services:

With The Digital Square, You’ll Get:-

Ø  A Dedicated Account Representative

Ø  A Customized PPC Strategy Carved For Your Business And Goals To Be Conquered

Ø  Our Team Can Research Enormous Range Of Keywords For Your Campaigns

Ø  Receive Regular Reports To Keep Track Of The Progress Of The Campaign

Ø  Managed  Ad Bids In A Strategically Manner That Ensures Maximizing Of Your Return On Ad Spend

Ø  We Target Majority Of The Search Engines To Maximize The Range Of Positive Results

Ø  Tracking Of Lead Phone Calls On A Large Scale

These are justthe highlights to get the complete list of our services and know more,contact us!!